We’re back!

We’re back!
Welcome to the brand new Shakespeare And The Bible website, where you’ll be able to find regular updates about the band’s activities: live concerts, recordings, reviews, tips, features, idle gossip, etc, etc…
We may have been offline for a while, but we haven’t been idle in the meantime. The new album is scheduled for release on June 9th, 2018. A full feature on the backgound to, and making of ‘Please Keep To The Left’ will be appearing on this website soon.

There will be a CD Release Party on Saturday, 09.06.18, in our rehearsal studios at Stresemannstrasse 204 (next to the ‘Juice’ Club), 22765 Hamburg. The album will be presented in its entirety, and the band will be joined by as many of the guest musicians as we can muster. Our beloved road-crew – aka Heiko – will be providing a full bar service („Trust him, he’s a roadie…“)
Doors open at 19:00, show-time at 20:00.

Other upcoming live dates include a return to the Kulturflut festival in Hamburg-Finkenwerder on 17th August, and another festival appearance near Bornhöved, Schleswig-Holstein, on 18th August (details to be arranged).

We’ll be back at London’s finest rock’n’roll pub – The Cavern in SW20 – on Friday, 12th October; and following that, further gigs in northern England and Belgium are being arranged.
So…that’s the state of play in the SATB world right now. Onwards and…well, sideways, probably – but we’re sure as hell not done yet…

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